Jane Austen boot cake

Howling with laughter this morning at today’s Worthwhile Pursuit. My cap doffed to my favourite artists, Jane Austen and Bobby Baker.

I’ve decided that from this point on we’re going to laugh at everything.

Here’s the completely fantastic process:

4 bought cakes, BB’s baseball boot cake shown at rear

Shop bought Madeira cake, 3 packs, really not sure how much I’m going to need. Also got a massive raisin fruit slab cake as backup. Presumably none of it Edible. Hoping finished product will be Laudable.

part of the Woolworths collection

I choose a plate, my last remaining from Woolworths.

the madeira cake has a sole!

I discover that the madeira cake’s bottom has a ridged shoe sole effect and consider this fortuitous.

cake casting session

I choose which cake to use, opting for the slightly larger one on the right.

carving begins

I discover how good I am at sculpting a Jane Austen boot from a bought madeira cake.

main boot form complete

I’m pretty content with stage one. Now I need to make and jam-glue on the top ankle part.

3rd attempt at top part. That will do.

Making the ankle part of the boot proves un-fun. I use up most of the other two bought madeira cakes trying to get it right. I settle at this having spent too long trying to get the boot proportions correct.

Below is the image I am using as reference, courtesy of the V&A.



from the other side. Ankle Angle

In the above image you can see where I have inserted a slither of bought madeira cake to achieve what I consider to be a most becoming angle for the Jane Austen boot cake ankle.

Angle is one of those words that loses it’s form and looks incorrect as soon at you type it. My sister is called Angela. Could this be why? Angela Ankle Angle.

offcuts aka waste
ganache goes on, late evening
ganache next morning, side 1
ganache next morning, side 2

I should at this point clarify that the Woolworths plate has been replaced by Deb’s Cake Plate, she left it here once and now lives in Hampshire so it seems an apt saucer for the Jane boot.

icing begins, Hampshire plate
ganache next morning with black icing detail, lace holes




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